• We always carry backup equipment. You just never know.
  •  If we feel an extra set of eyes can improve the quality of our work, we will hire additional assistants at no cost to you.
  • We can provide second photographers, but you are trusting us with your wedding day, so we are the ones that are there all day.
  • We never outsource your wedding. If you hire us, you get us, not a third party.
  • We have insurance.
  • We don’t lock/watermark or encode any of your images. They are yours to keep open and free.
  • We keep a backup of all of your wedding images for as long as we are able (5+ years guaranteed).
  • We like to get you involved in the wedding before and after, from talking with you about what you want all the way thought to your wedding albums and photo reprints.
  • We will be here for you after the wedding, from helping you pick reprints to making the most complex albums.
  • We only Partner with the best!  As far as printing, album-making and framing, there is NO second best.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions; we would love to talk with you!